Blocked Drains Sunshine Coast


Experiencing problems with blocked drains?  Plumb-tek Plumbing Solutions are professionals that can offer a range of services to provide the very best solutions for your blocked drains.

Blocked Drains Causes:
  • Tree roots/ plants – tree roots are the most common cause of blocked drains.  The roots of trees naturally seek moisture or water sources in order to stay alive.  In this search for moisture, roots are drawn towards your drains where they can enter through the smallest crack and cause serious damage.  Leaf litter can also cause drains to become blocked and care should be taken to ensure trees and leaves are regularly maintained.
  • Grease/ fat build up – grease and other fatty substances that usually enter via the kitchen sink will solidify and stick to the inside of pipes.  This will build up significantly over time and eventually cause a blocked drain.
  • Broken Pipes – pipe may break at times due to poor installation, ground movement or even age.  If a pipe breaks, water is unable to flow freely and it may therefore collapse which causes a drain blockage.  –
  • Foreign objects – Blocked drains can easily occur when foreign objects or materials such as soap or hair become lodged in drains.  Toilets often block due to large quantities of toilet paper, sanitary items, baby wipes or even nappies being flushed.  Blocked toilets require expert attention immediately.


Locating Blockages:

Plumbt-tek Jetter and CCTV

Plumb-tek Plumbing Solutions doesn’t waste your time using guess work to find your problem. We utilise the latest technology, including a CCTV Drain Camera to diagnose your problem quickly and efficiently, allowing us to locate the blockage with expert precision. Once located we work with our customers to find the most effective solution.  Your system will be flowing smoothly again in no time.