Roof Repair & Rainwater Tanks

raintankIt’s raining, call the plumber!

Rain is a fantastic resource and can also be a source of drama in any home. Roof leaks can be very tricky to find, some people live with a bucket in the ceiling for years, frustrated every time it starts to rain. Oftentimes, the leak may present itself metres away from the actual source of the rain entry point.

Graeme at Plumb-tek Plumbing loves these challenges and is a veritable bloodhound for tracking down those sneaky little leaks. In addition he is very skilled at gutter repair/replacement on new or older homes. Don’t put up with leaky roves or gutters and please don’t risk your life and limb climbing up onto the roof. Call Plumb-tek Plumbing and have a skilled and experienced plumber with the right equipment look into the problem.

When you have quality roof and guttering, the smart move is to install a rainwater tank to catch that precious resource. Graeme has seen more than his share of rainwater tanks from his days out west, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Sunshine Coast rain water tank market. Before you consider any rainwater tank installation, call Graeme for an obligation free quote and recommendation for your needs. Plumb-tek specialise in setting up the tanks and also in plumbing the distribution systems to pump water into your home or garden from your tank.